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welcome to the past

cueing a discTime travel radio

This is the year 2002

How about going on a trip back to the 1960's 1970's or 1980's

All you need is ? .... well that does help but the following are quite useful too !

1. A fast reliable computer preferably a Mac but a less advanced Pc will do .... just !

2. 56k modem connection and lots of ram ......and no we don't mean goats !

3. Mp3 player software installed on your computer.

4. Enough space to have a dance around .

Our stream seems to have a strange effect on most people , first they break out into uncontrollable foot tapping which inevitably leads to full on bopping and jiving.

Please take care not to break something expensive or put your back out.

Right all ready now ... it's time to go back , prepare yourself ...take a deep breath

and click the link if you have an advanced  Mac imac g3 or g4

itunes or real player will have started up and you're on the way.

PC windows users it's your turn now , click  media player 7 or winamp or failing that

Mac users or PC users can try this  real player link

so good luck and enjoy yourself in the past !

broadcast via the servers of live

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